Whether Stricklin Company built your mixer or not we are your resource for repair and upgrade service to help you keep your equipment running in its best condition.

For clients located within the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex we offer on-site service, to minimize downtime and keep your operations running smoothly. Our expert technicians can provide basic services on-site such as re-packing, packing gland, replacing shaft seals, tensioning chain drive systems, inspecting equipment and replacing some components.

For more in-depth service, such as upgrading equipment or for major repairs, we can arrange to transport your equipment to our facility in Dallas, Texas.

Contact us at (214) 637-1030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a consultation about your equipment and what we can do to help keep it operating at its peak performance.

List of Stricklin Repair Services

Re-packing, packing glands - Ribbon blenders are typically fitted with packing glands which wear out over time and begin to leak. Replacing the packing material in the packing gland can typically be done quickly, at your facility and stop leaking around the shaft.

Replacing teflon seals - Within packing glands are teflon seals which separate the content of your ribbon blender from the packing material. Over time, through normal use, these teflon seals wear out and need to be replaced.

Replacing drive shaft bearings - In many types of production, specifically sanitary, food grade facilities, ribbon blenders are often power washed to maintain a clean environment. Through power washing, the grease in bearings can be blown out causing bearings to prematurely fail. These bearings can be replaced to prevent further damage occurring to the equipment.

Repairing damaged ribbon agitators - ribbon agitators can be damaged through standard use of course ingredients over time or catastrophically if an unintended item is exposed to the mixing trough. In some situations we can repair existing agitators and in more serious scenarios we can replace agitators with all new equipment.

Repairing worn, damaged shafts - If a ribbon blenders bearings fail, or do not function properly, this can cause excessive wear on drive shafts. This damaged to the shaft can then cause the agitator to vibrate during use, getting progressively worse over time. In many instances the agitator and drive shaft can be saved by our expert welders who can add material to the worn shaft and then our machinist can turn down the shaft to the exact original dimensions.

Safety Equipment - Ribbon Blenders require specific safety equipment to keep operators safe. We can replace missing safety grates, covers, and limit switches.