During ribbon blender operation it is possible for agitators to be damaged or worn out of years of use. Stricklin Company regularly produces replacement ribbon blender agitator for Stricklin units as well as other manufactures ribbon blenders. Stricklin agitators are hand built in the United States of America and built to the highest quality standards. These units are built to last and can be produced from carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the application.

Stricklin Company ribbon blenders agitators are custom made in the United States of America.

ribbon blender agitatorFabricating a replacement agitator means, a custom shaft as well as exact spoke and ribbon agitator dimensions so it fits perfectly in the existing machine.
ribbon blender agitatorExact dimensions are critical for building a replacement ribbon agitator. When building a replacement agitator, we will go as far as building a test trough to the same dimensions as our customers mixer to ensure our replacement agitator fits perfectly before it ships to the customer.
ribbon blender agitatorManufacturing a ribbon agitator is a detailed process involving forming, welding and grinding to ensure a perfect fit and function of the new unit.

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