Stricklin Company is a leading manufacture of custom mezzanines, catwalks and platforms for factories, and other industrial applications. Our unique fabricating capabilities, allows us to create platforms precisely around your equipment and facility requirements in order to maximize efficiency and safety for operators.

We are pleased to build specifically from your design, or we can assist in the design process. Often times we produce mezzanine’s specifically for our ribbon blenders and mixer clients, which work in concert with their equipment improving efficiency and ease of use.

Stricklin mezzanines and catwalks are typically constructed in stainless steel; either T304 or T316, depending on the application. Carbon steel is a budget friendly option we use in certain situations for mezzanines and is typically painted to prevent rust. With our custom fabricating capabilities, material size and thickness are both customizable as well.

The craftsmen who build our platforms care about high quality, and producing equipment that will serve your needs and be long lasting.

custom stainless steel mezzanine platform catwalk dallasThis custom stainless steel mezzanine was built to work along a Stricklin ribbon blender. The platform of this unit uses a T304 stainless steel round citron style tread pattern to provide walking grip for operators as they use the catwalk.
custom stainless steel mezzanine platform catwalk dallasOur unique metal fabrication capabilities allow us to build custom metal catwalks, mezzanines and platforms to your exact specifications.
custom stainless steel mezzanine platform catwalk dallasAll of our platforms, mezzanines and catwalks are built by hand to the highest quality standards in our fabrication facility in Dallas, Texas.
custom stainless steel mezzanine platform catwalk dallasWe regularly fabricate our metal mezzanines, platforms and catwalks from T304 stainless steel, T316 stainless steel, and carbon steel.
custom stainless steel mezzanine platform catwalk dallasThis custom mezzanine was fabricated in 1-¼” T304 stainless steel for use in a sanitary, food grade production facility. The catwalk stands at 6’ off the ground and provides a platform for operators to work efficiently alongside other equipment.

If you have any inquiries, or would like to request a quotation on a custom mezzanine, catwalk or platform, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.