Stricklin Ribbon Blenders continue to set the standard in the industry while re-shaping expectations for quality and efficient mixing practices.

Utilized in a wide range of dry mixing application the Stricklin Ribbon Blender is ideal for efficiently and thoroughly mixing a variety of substances.

Designed around your specifications and mixing requirements, Stricklin Ribbon Blenders range in size from our 1cu foot laboratory model to massive 700 cu foot units capable of taking on the largest batches.

The heart and namesake of the Stricklin Ribbon blender is the hand built helical ribbon agitators. Formed by our world-class craftsman these agitators are truly works of art. Two helical ribbons transverse the length of a center axle, the outer ribbons move substance down the length of the machine while the inner ribbon returns the mixed substance in the opposing direction.

The outer U-shaped shell of Stricklin mixers are built in a variety of materials based on our clients specifications typically stainless steel, carbon steel or another material in some situations.

An area of focus in our batch process mixing is our discharge gates. These gates present an opportunity to shorten the time of the mixing process. As a result our units are offered with a number of discharge gates, which optimize the speed of material removal from the blender at the end of the mixing process.

Stricklin Company Ribbon Blenders are custom made in the United States of America to fit your particular needs.

industrial stainless steel ribbon blenderStricklin stainless steel ribbon blenders continue to set the industry standard for quality and custom build outs for each unit, specific to our customers needs.
industrial stainless steel ribbon blenderStricklin stainless steel ribbon blenders range in size from one cubic feet to seven hundred cubic feet. This ribbon blender manufactured from stainless steel is one of our smaller, five cubic feet units with a swinging lid loading feature.
industrial stainless steel ribbon blender 3Among the many customizable options for a Stricklin ribbon blender is the discharge gate. This unit utilizes a manual operated butterfly valve. Stricklin ribbon blenders can come fitted with slide gate, butterfly, end-discharge door.
To learn more about how a Stricklin stainless steel ribbon blender can integrate with your processes please call (214) 637-1030 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.